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"Oh,流芳🚛 I think this is an awful place,流芳💊" said Gub-Gub as they got out of the canoe. "Nothing but waves and rocks. What have you come here for,流芳🚵 Doctor?"

"Then the father swings his lantern around,流芳🔅 looking for a cat; and before I had time to hop away he throws the light full on me,流芳🌕 sitting on a sage bush.


"He was,流芳🐭 indeed,流芳😵" said the duck. "I'm not surprised his wife is sick,流芳🍮 if she has a husband with a face like that."


Now,流芳🏣 when the Emir of Ellebubu had thrown the Doctor into prison he had refused to allow Dab-Dab,流芳💾 Jip or Gub-Gub to go with him. Jip put up a fight and bit the Emir in the leg. But all he got for that was to be tied up on a short chain.

"Now it happened one day,流芳👧 when I was wandering around in the country outside the town,流芳❔ that I met a most conceited spaniel. He passed me with his nose turned up in the air in such a cheeky manner that I said to him,流芳🔵 I said: 'What makes you so stuck up?'建坛流芳

"No,流芳🏫 the lighthouse on Cape Stephen,流芳✅" said the Doctor. "A gull just came and told me. The shipping's in danger. Wrecks,流芳📬 you know,流芳🐚 and all that. Wake up and look sensible,流芳🚁 for pity's sake!"


"'Oh,流芳⚽ I think this is an awful place!'"

"A speaking tube!" the white mouse interrupted. "How was it used? I don't understand."建坛流芳"All right,流芳🚂" said the Doctor. "I'll mention that."

"As soon as they had gone I came out of the closet and I said to the white cat: 'I shall expect you to bring up these kittens to leave ducklings alone. Now listen: To-night,流芳🙋 after the farmer and his wife are in bed,流芳🐌 take all your kittens except the black and white one,流芳🐅 and hide them in the attic. The farmer means to drown them and is going to keep only one.'

"Then I led him into the town. On the way there every once in a while he would say to himself: 'I wonder what can be the matter. Something's wrong,流芳☠ that's sure,流芳🐐 or the dog wouldn't carry on so.'建坛流芳

"I'll bet it's something to do with food,流芳🈴" said Too-Too,流芳📥 who was sitting on the stool next to the Doctor's,流芳⚡ adding up figures.


"So there I sat,流芳⛔ shivering on the river bank,流芳💏 in the depths of despair. And presently I saw the sky in the east growing pale and I knew that morning was coming. Daylight! That for me meant more hunting and running and jeering,流芳👬 as soon as the sun should show my ridiculous color.


The helmsman,流芳📼 battling with the birds,流芳🏡 set up a yell for help,流芳🚨 saying he couldn't see to steer the boat. Then the officers and sailors rushed up to his assistance and tried to beat the birds off.


In a very short time the ship presented a curious and extraordinary sight,流芳🌼 with the mud nests stuck all over her and birds flying in thousands round her masts,流芳📅 coming and going,流芳😛 building homes and feeding young ones.

"But what kind of work is invalids' work?" asked the white mouse.建坛流芳At last,流芳💪 with a roar of rage,流芳🔒 the Doctor grabbed up a rock from the ground as big as a chair and banged it with all his might against the lock of the lighthouse door. With a crash the door flew open and the Doctor sprang within.

"So,流芳👵 since I wasn't doing the children any good,流芳🍧 I went off to look up this other owl and see if he had any ideas to suggest. I found him sitting on the stump of a hollow birch,流芳💋 rubbing his eyes,流芳🔎 having just got out of bed.


"The Cook Goblins were sorry to see him go. And as a farewell present in return for the help he had given them against their enemies,流芳➕ they gave him the Magic Cucumber. Now,流芳🐈 this cucumber,流芳🏇 if you cut off even the smallest part of it and planted it,流芳🦉 would grow immediately into a whole field of any fruit or vegetable you wished. All you had to do was to say the name of the vegetable you wanted. The baby pig thanked the Cook Goblins,流芳🔬 kissed them all goodby and went home.

"I'm afraid I can't,流芳📖" said the spoonbill. "To tell you the truth,流芳🚖 I got those oysters from a pile which some other bird had left on the rock here. He had eaten his fill,流芳👶 I suppose,流芳🍠 and gone away. There are a good many left still. Let's go over to the pile and crack a few. Maybe they've all got pearls in them."建坛流芳A MYSTERIOUS LETTER

"Well,流芳🏫 we got chatting,流芳👉 the way people do,流芳👏 and I found out that the cat lived at a farmer's house about a quarter of a mile down the Oxenthorpe Road. Then I walked part of the way home with her,流芳🚅 still chatting,流芳🉐 and I found that she was a very agreeable individual. I told her about the rats in the stable and the difficulty I had in making them behave,流芳💣 because the Doctor wouldn't allow any one to kill them. And she said,流芳🚖 if I wished,流芳☝ she'd sleep in the stable a few nights and the rats would probably leave as soon as they smelled her around.

"Later,流芳🎨 when I was trying to find a place to sleep,流芳🚣 all the mice I met,流芳📌 wherever there was any light at all,流芳🌼 made fun of me and pointed at me and jeered. I was nearly in tears. Then I went down to the river,流芳♒ hoping I might wash the dye off and so get white again. That,流芳🔦 at least,流芳✔ would be better than the way I was now. But I washed and I swam and I rinsed,流芳👀 all to no purpose. Water made no impression on me.

Disappointed and sad,流芳🐩 Dab-Dab and the Doctor started to paddle their way back.

"I'll go out with her,流芳☺ Doctor,流芳🚚" said Dab-Dab,流芳📄 "and do a little fishing on my own account. I can dive pretty deep,流芳🐠 though I'm not a regular diving duck. Maybe I can get some pearls for you."建坛流芳"'Yes,流芳⌚' said the spaniel. 'We are staying at The Royal George. My master is painting some pictures of the country and next week he is going back to London to commence on the portrait of the prince.'

Here the spoonbill was waiting for him at the water's edge. She apologized for not coming in person to welcome him,流芳🏨 but said she was afraid to leave her babies when there were sea eagles around. The little ones were with her,流芳📇 two scrubby,流芳👕 greasy youngsters,流芳🍑 who could walk but not fly. The Doctor opened the package and gave them back their precious toys; and with squawks of delight they began playing marbles on the flat rocks with the enormous pink pearls.


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