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"What was here before the Flood then?" asked the Doctor.


After about twenty minutes she brought back a black duck-like bird with a tuft on his head.


Still another thing in which the Doctor's post office was different from all others was the gum used on the stamps. The supply of gum which the King had been using for his stamps ran short and the Doctor had to set about discovering and making a new kind. And after a good deal of experiment he invented a gum made of licorice,胜者为王📷 which dried quickly and worked very well. But,王者🐶 as I have said,胜者为王🏄 the Fantippans were very fond of sweetmeats. And soon after the new gum was put into use the post office was crowded with people buying stamps by the hundred.

CHAPTER I胜者为王之王者之战3"Well,胜者为王😰 we got chatting,胜者为王🚲 the way people do,王者🌒 and I found out that the cat lived at a farmer's house about a quarter of a mile down the Oxenthorpe Road. Then I walked part of the way home with her,胜者为王🈯 still chatting,王者🌷 and I found that she was a very agreeable individual. I told her about the rats in the stable and the difficulty I had in making them behave,胜者为王🍎 because the Doctor wouldn't allow any one to kill them. And she said,胜者为王❇ if I wished,王者💴 she'd sleep in the stable a few nights and the rats would probably leave as soon as they smelled her around.

Everybody had now told a tale and the Arctic Monthly's Prize Story Competition was declared closed. The first number of the first animals' magazine ever printed was,胜者为王👱 shortly after that,胜者为王🚍 issued and circulated by Swallow Mail to the inhabitants of the frozen North. It was a great success. Letters of thanks and votes on the competition began pouring in from seals and sea-lions and caribou and all manner of polar creatures. Too-Too,王者🗿 the mathematician,胜者为王🍒 became editor; Dab-Dab ran the Mothers' and Babies' Page,胜者为王🚋 while Gub-Gub wrote the Gardening Notes and the Pure Foods Column. And the Arctic Monthly continued to bring happiness to homes and dens and icebergs as long as the Doctor's Post office existed.


"They leaned over the basket of kittens,胜者为王🎏 stroked the white cat and started talking. Now,胜者为王⌛ the cat didn't understand what they said,王者✡ of course. But I,胜者为王🚛 being round the Doctor so much and discussing with him the differences between duck grammar and people's grammar,胜者为王🐖 understood every word they uttered.

"Then the father swings his lantern around,王者📤 looking for a cat; and before I had time to hop away he throws the light full on me,胜者为王👝 sitting on a sage bush.胜者为王之王者之战3By the time the Doctor had done,胜者为王🚢 all his party,王者☠ excepting Too-Too,胜者为王🐦 had fallen asleep. It was only when he heard Jip suddenly snore from the hammock that he realized how late it was. As he blew out the candles again he found that it was very dark,胜者为王🎌 for now the moon had set. He climbed into bed and drew the blankets over him.

The Captain looked with astonishment into the faces of his listening officers,胜者为王👍 who all smiled unbelievingly.

"Why do you call it the Secret Lake?" asked the Doctor.

"Would it be too much to ask you?" said the Doctor,胜者为王📞 "to get me some souvenir from the city below the lake?"

胜者为王之王者之战3"The canoe was yanked from under them"


"About midnight I met the lady mouse with whom I was in love,王者🍡 beneath a lamp-post. And,胜者为王🐁 would you believe it? She wouldn't speak to me! Cut me dead,王者🐣 she did.

"Now,王者📪 it happened that a few days later a neighboring king made war upon the king that owned the country where the pig family lived. Things went very badly for the pigs' king,王者👼 and,王者♒ seeing that the enemy were close at hand,王者🎡 he gave orders that all cattle and farm animals and people should be brought inside the castle walls. The pig family was also driven into the castle grounds. But before he left,王者🚴 the baby pig went and bit off a piece of his Magic Cucumber and took it along with him.


"So saying,王者🏨 he takes me upstairs to where the dye vats stood. It was twilight and the men were gone. But we could see the dim shapes of the big vats towering above our heads. Then he takes a string that lay upon the floor and,胜者为王🚾 scaling up the middle vat,胜者为王🌗 he lets the string down inside.


In a flash Quip was gone,王者🌷 seaward.

"Great heavens,胜者为王💒 Gub-Gub!" the Doctor exclaimed. "Don't you think I'm busy enough already? What do you want a parcel post for?"胜者为王之王者之战3The excellent postal service continued after he left. The stamps with Koko's face on them were as various and as beautiful as ever. On the occasion of the first annual review of the Fantippo Merchant Fleet a very fine two-shilling stamp was struck in commemoration,王者🐔 showing His Majesty inspecting his new ships through a lollipop quizzing-glass. The King himself became a stamp-collector and his album was as good as a family photo-album,胜者为王🚐 containing as it did so many pictures of himself. The only awkward incident that happened in the record of the post office which the Doctor had done so much to improve was when some ardent stamp-collectors,胜者为王✋ wishing to make the modern stamps rare,王者🆗 plotted to have the King assassinated in order that the current issues should go out of date. But the plot was happily discovered before any harm was done.


"By sniffing them,王者👢" said the cormorant. "The ones that have those things in them don't smell fresh. I'm frightfully particular about my oysters."

"The Cook Goblins were sorry to see him go. And as a farewell present in return for the help he had given them against their enemies,胜者为王🐢 they gave him the Magic Cucumber. Now,王者🌑 this cucumber,王者🌼 if you cut off even the smallest part of it and planted it,王者🐛 would grow immediately into a whole field of any fruit or vegetable you wished. All you had to do was to say the name of the vegetable you wanted. The baby pig thanked the Cook Goblins,王者🐓 kissed them all goodby and went home.胜者为王之王者之战3"Oh,王者🚛 you've heard all my stories,王者🚛" said the Doctor. "Why don't you play Hunt-the-Slipper?"

"That's a sign we're near open water,王者🍱" said Dab-Dab.

But after many hours of fruitless search night began to come on and the swallows who were acting as guides could no longer see big distances,王者😧 for there was no moon.

Well,王者🌷 that was how still another department,王者👕 the Parcel Post,胜者为王😐 was added to the Foreign Mails Office of Fantippo. Gub-Gub's sprouts arrived (tons of them,胜者为王⛲ because this was a very big flight of birds),胜者为王📪 and after that many kinds of animals came to the Doctor and asked him to send for foreign foods for them when their own ran short. In this way,胜者为王🈵 too,胜者为王📱 bringing seeds and plants from other lands by birds,王者🆙 the Doctor tried quite a number of experiments in planting,王者🐚 and what is called acclimatizing,王者📲 fruits and vegetables and even flowers.

胜者为王之王者之战3At length reaching the great glass lamp chamber at the top,胜者为王🚜 he set down his candle and,胜者为王🔵 striking two matches at once he held one in each hand and lit the big wick in two places.


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    The sun was just rising over the distant coast of Africa and it was as beautiful a morning as you could wish to see.

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    Then the Doctor was sorry and wished he hadn't discharged Cheapside,王者🍃 who seemed to be the only one who could manage this part of the mails properly.

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    So the good Speedy sent off messengers; and all around the world and back again word was passed from bird to bird that John Dolittle,王者😐 the famous animal doctor,胜者为王🌇 wished to see all the leaders of all kinds of birds,王者😕 great and small.

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    "Oh,胜者为王🚅 yes,胜者为王📦 indeed,王者💺" said the Piffilosaurus. "This island is entirely peopled by harmless,胜者为王👹 vegetable-feeding creatures. If we had the others,胜者为王🌙 of course,胜者为王😸 we wouldn't last long. But come,胜者为王🍏 I will show you around the island. Let us go quietly up that valley there,王者🐙 so we shan't be seen till we reach the cover of the woods."

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    "Nicholas Scroggins."

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    And then the Fantippans,胜者为王💆 who so far had been very timid about going far out to sea on account of storms,胜者为王👆 now that they had a good weather bureau and knew what weather to expect,胜者为王📔 began building larger sailboats,王者🐂 instead of their little frail canoes. And they became what is called a mercantile nation,王者🌐 traded up and down the shores of West Africa,胜者为王💺 and even went as far south as the Cape of Good Hope and entered the Indian Ocean to traffic in goods with people of foreign lands.

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    And very soon he had an old-fashioned window-box garden on the houseboat post office blooming with geraniums and marigolds and zinnias raised from the seeds and cuttings his birds brought him from England. And that is why many of the same vegetables that grow in England can still be found in a wild state in Africa. They came there through Gub-Gub's passion for the foods he had been brought up on.

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    "Great heavens!" cried the Doctor,王者🚚 springing up. "The pearls gone? And they were registered,胜者为王📀 too!"

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